Following the marked success of the KIT Homes venture, Borderline Developments decided to expand daily operations to become a multi-national company. Offering new opportunities to our customers resulted in a large scale investment in new technologies. The main feature of our acquisitions being a GPS driven robot.

After linking the robot to the Global Positioning System, Borderline Developments then linked the Internet to the same system so that anyone with access to our website could effectively drive the robot from the comfort of their own home.

Our new robotic mark up system was inaugurated at the end of 1999 with the development at LeBreton Flats, Ottawa. On this prime polluted tract of land we invited a global audience to design blueprints for structures that could exist on and utilise a toxic landscape.

On site our portacabin office invited the general public and press to witness the robot drawing out the blueprints onto the contaminated site. Whilst visiting the office the public also had an opportunity to browse our website for information on the historical and toxic residue of the site, and to sample our impressive range of merchandise for a polluted existence.