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The Lebreton Flats were settled by Europeans in the early 1800's. By the 1850's it became established as an area of industry due to its proximity to the Chaudiere Falls, a source of power. Initial use included lumber and heavy timber production, followed by CPR freight marshaling yards and light industry attracted by E. B. Eddy's hydroelectric plant. While initially treed, the area was cleared as a depot for settlers arriving in the area, then settled as a town site until the entire area (along with much of Ottawa and Hull) was destroyed by fire in 1900. The site was quickly rebuilt adding primary and fabricated metal industries and their accompanying scrap yards, some workers' housing, and by the 1920's automotive vehicle service, storage and wrecking. The entire area was acquired by the federal government and leveled in the mid 1960's. From this point on the site served as a landfill and dumping area while awaiting a new program. It remains empty.