Borderline Developments

Borderline Developments is a real estate company dedicated to bringing you the best international sites available for remote redevelopment. Whether the site has a history of heavy industrial pollution, contested ownership issues or historical dispute Borderline Developments guarantees to locate your dream site with unique levels of residue.

The Borderline Developments robot ‘Mobot’ is a unique company asset that marks out blueprints on contested real estate sites. Thanks to recent developments in Internet technology Mobot is directed by customers via our unique website. Whilst this facility is only available on the site during periods of active development, you can also browse details of developed site history, toxicity and details of existing customer blueprints, including sites affected by industrial pollution in previous developments.

Sites like this could become available in your city soon and when they do you need to be ready to react and take advantage of this prime real estate.

Borderline Developments is always at your service and we hope that our professional organisation and sophisticated technologies can provide you with the service you need to enjoy the many polluted real estate opportunities springing up around the world.




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