Borderline Developments the International contaminated real estate developers are pleased to announce thirty new plots for development at Tlalnepantla, an area at the heart of Mexico City’s heavy industry sector.

Development will take place through our unique website and on-site our robot will draw onto the polluted landscape, offering archetypal Greylands property that once again gives you the opportunity to design structures for hazardous dwelling.

In the largest metropolis in the world, pollution is a way of life. This context makes Mexico D.F. an ideal city for Borderline Developments to construct the new Pollution is visible above ground in the form of smog as far as the eye can see and we’ve located the perfect site with unique toxic appeal.

Having successfully developed two major sites in the past five years this expansion into Mexico City also marks a new development into public polluted sites. The history of the site, information and instructions on how to send us your designs are available on the website.

This site is highly recommended viewing for all those planning a toxic residence in 2002.