Thoughts of Construction



Under Construction Contemporary Art Space  (Istanbul, Turkey, 2006)



Under Construction Contemporary Art Spcae (Istanbul, Turkey, 2006))

The Under Construction gallery space is a mobile space made up of construction containers and changes location for each show.

20 different districts in Istanbul are designated and travelled to. Members of KIT find construction sites in these districts.

Their answers voice their opinions, desires, fears and hopes about architecture, design and city planning.

The container itself is simply turned back into what it was currently used for- a living space for construction workers.

10 of the interviews are chosen, placed on a DVD and are plyed back on a small television in the container.


Thoughts of a Construcion Worker is exhibited at Maçka park, a public park located in Istanbul,Turkey.

Construction workers are interviewed and are asked three questions.

An item (newspaper, hat, brush, pan etc.) is collected from each site visited.

Each item in the container has previously been used by a construction worker.

Interviews and images that were taken at the construction sites can be watched in the 'website' section.